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Policy Analysis and Development

Harness knowledge from evidence, practice, and stakeholder engagement to strengthen and develop healthy policies and guidelines.

Program and Professional Development

Build capacity and guide practice change to support healthier communities, health equity, or healthier food systems. Integrate new concepts to professional practice and support positive organizational development.

Primary and Applied Research

Ask the right questions to find useful answers; assess needs and gaps in knowledge, skills, or policy. Get creative to answer complex questions.

Developing Tools and Resources

Clarify needs; use evidence from research and practice to build knowledge and skills through workshops, guidelines, and presentations.

Training, Facilitation and Stakeholder Engagement

Develop curriculum and deliver training online, in person, or through engaging print or multimedia materials. Facilitate planning sessions and workshops to engage staff, build new knowledge, or find innovative solutions.

Knowledge Translation

Put research and practical knowledge to work for implementation in practice and policy development.

Work samples and list of past projects available on request.

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I will work with you

Let's discuss how I can help you with a project or generate ideas to help you solve a problem.

  • Work responsively to clarify project goals and direction, and identify the most effective approach. 
  • Clearly articulate expectations, including interim and final timelines for budget and deliverables. 
  • Check in regularly with updates and to obtain feedback. 
  • Discuss proposed changes in direction and provide options for moving forward.  
  • Provide polished deliverables that address feedback and requested revisions. 
  • Follow privacy and confidentiality protocols as required.  
  • Commit to continual professional development and stay up to date on current knowledge.