Dr. Karen Rideout

About me

I have over 16 years’ experience working in the public health, food systems, and environmental health sector in British Columbia. I specialize in healthy environments, food systems, and health equity, with a particular focus on the social, cultural, and environmental influences on health.

My work involves network building, knowledge development, and creating tools to support health equity and healthy environments. I facilitate cross-sector engagement with diverse professionals to support healthier and more equitable built environments, healthier public policies, and healthier food systems.

If not at my desk, you'll find me cycling to my next meeting, cooking, tending the garden, practicing yoga, or exploring new places.   


With expertise gained in academic and public health settings, I have skills in primary and applied research (including qualitative research); public health policy and practice; knowledge translation; training and facilitation; writing for diverse audiences; stakeholder engagement; project planning and management; and guiding practice change. I led early efforts to integrate health equity considerations to environmental public health practice. Karen Rideout Consulting uses creative upstream thinking to influence front-line actions, policies, and organizational processes. 


PhD (Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems)

MSc (Occupational and Environmental Hygiene) 

BSc (Applied Human Nutrition) | BA (Music) 

Plus training in Indigenous Cultural Safety, Project Management, Healthcare Leadership, Risk Assessment and Communication, and Evidence-Informed Decision Making.